Make Web Accessibility Simple

Would you like to avoid litigation, win new customers, and build social responsibility— all at the same time? This is the specialty of Converge Accessibility, a company focused from the ground up on helping you make website accessibility easy. Every day that your website remains inaccessible is another day that a potential customer is left behind, and that another lawsuit can happen!

Three Ways We Help Most With Web Accessibility

1. Are You Involved in Litigation?

Expert witnesses can increase your risk if they are not sensitive to the current legal issues in web accessibility litigation. See why customers settle cheaper and faster with our team of experts on your side and then you can get back to running your business as quickly as possible!

2. Fix Your Current Website

Making your current site accessible is easier than you might think. We can help you make your website welcoming to over 47 million new customers with disabilities. Get our team to perform an accessibility review of your site and teach your team how to make it accessible today!

3. Futureproof Your Website

Easily build accessibility into your development lifecycle and stay ahead of accessibility challenges as your website evolves. WebAlign is our unique turnkey solution that aligns your design, development, and testing teams. Be a Great Leader and not an Overworked Manager!

Testimonial from Avinash Dongre

Converge Accessibility performed a WCAG accessibility audit for our Chatbot, Live Agent Console, and Knowledge Management Portal. They delivered a top-notch Accessibility Audit and VPAT/ACR which we are using as part of our accessibility marketing efforts. We are also using their WebAlign resource which has provided us the structure and guidance to easily and successfully incorporate accessibility into our current development process.

Avinash Dongre, Manager - ThoughtFocus

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Our team members have each worked in web accessibility for over 20 years from the legal and technical sides.