Watch Our Presentation with Equal Entry

Presentation with Equal Entry

This last Thursday (July 22), Ken Nakata presented with our friends, former coworkers, and ongoing partners at Equal Entry to discuss the Winn-Dixie opinion.

Didn't You Just Talk About Winn-Dixie?

Yes, indeed, I did just talk about Winn-Dixie with our friends at 3PlayMedia. But Thursday's presentation was quite different. The 3PlayMedia presentation was a deep legal dive discussing the evolution of caselaw in the 11th Circuit and how Winn-Dixie fits in. I also spent a lot more time in that presentation talking about exactly why I didn't think that the opinion will have an enormous impact on web accessibility litigation.

By contrast, in the Equal Entry presentation, I focused more on how the Winn-Dixie fits in with trends outside the 11th Circuit, as well as other limitations on the rights of people with disabilities as courts and companies deal with the impact of the tidal wave of web accessibility cases around the country. Plus, I also talked briefly about recent trends in litigation and how Winn-Dixie fits (or doesn't fit) in with those trends.

So really two different ways of looking at the same case.

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