A Simpler Approach to Document and Web Accessibility


This year I had the opportunity to present at the Educause Annual Conference 2022 on behalf of AbleDocs.

The topic of discussion was a simpler approach to document and web accessibility. This is because organizations tend to struggle with implementing accessibility as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and PDF/UA are both vague and confusing.

A better approach is to clarify the exact requirements and then further refine these requirements based on the roles that different team members play. This includes the document and webpage design, creation, and testing process. Following this approach fosters better teamwork and a shared sense of responsibility for accessibility.

This presentation discusses how to implement this process. In so doing, it also outlines the basics of how we developed our WebAlign resource.

The presentation is less than 17 minutes long and you can view it below. If you would like to download the slide deck you can do that as well!

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A Simpler Approach to Document and Web Accessibility Video


Accessibility and WCAG can be difficult to grasp. While there is no quick-fix solution to accessible content, there is a simpler approach! Do any of the following apply to you?

  1. I want to make our website compliant with WCAG ASAP
  2. I am not worried about compliance but want an accessible product
  3. I want to learn about WCAG and how to apply it
  4. I need to train my team on web accessibility fast

Web Accessibility does not have to be hard. That is where WebAlign can make a difference!

WebAlign is a compliance resource that helps everyone in the web development lifecycle understand what WCAG requires and how to apply the accessibility concepts according to their job role. WebAlign allows teams of any size to easily incorporate accessibility into their process and help ensure that existing and newly created content is made accessible and remains accessible. WebAlign is more than just a compliance resource, it can be used as a training tool and an outside vendor requirements tool. Using WebAlign demystifies web accessibility by making it easier to understand and apply. WebAlign removes the confusion and lessens the pain of creating accessible content.

Welcome to WebAlign! Video

If you are ready to be proactive and embed accessibility into your content development lifecycle for the benefit of your users, feel free to inquire about a baseline web accessibility audit and to find out how WebAlign can help guide your efforts.

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