U.S. Law and Web Accessibility


Last week, Jeff posted about his presentation at Educause Annual Conference 2022 on behalf of AbleDocs. I also did a "live online" presentation at the same event. While I frequently give an update on web and digital accessibility, this one was a little rushed as I needed to finish up within half an hour.

As readers of this blog know, there has been quite a bit of activity over the last few years, such as the 11th Circuit's Winn-Dixie opinion and the court's subsequent decision to vacate that opinion only a few months later. District courts in Miami (where most of the web accessibility cases) have slowly been returning to normal now that the storm has passed. Also, the nexus standard in web accessibility continues causing headaches, with big cracks appearing in Pennsylvania, New York, and California.


Nothing in this post should be interpreted as legal advice or as forming an attorney-client relationship. It is offered for educational purposes only. You should always contact a qualified attorney in your area to discuss your legal rights and responsibilities.

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