Converge AccessibilityNarrowing the Digital Divide

Would you like to avoid litigation, win new customers, and build social responsibility -- all at the same time? This is the specialty of Converge Accessibility, a company focused from the ground up on making your web site accessible to people with disabilities.

Website accessibility is easily one of the fastest growing areas of litigation today, with thousands of new lawsuits filed every year. And the number of lawsuits is easily dwarfed by the number of government complaints and private demand letters that can be easily more costly to defend. While many of these complaints amount to little more than legal extortion, a few of them represent legitimate complaints with actual customers who are being left behind. Your website is your front door-- and the last thing you want to do is shut any anyone out.

We strive to create the most innovative and practical digital accessibility solutions. We empower our customers by helping them understand accessibility at a deeper level and incorporate accessibility into their product lifecycle and organizational culture. We are committed to constantly learning and sharing new ways to help organizations narrow the digital divide and make today's world more accessible to everyone.

Every day that your website remains inaccessible is another day that another lawsuit can happen. And another day that a potential customer is left behind. If your organization is ready to close this gap, contact us today!

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