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Website Accessibility in Three Easy Steps

1. Get Beyond Litigation

First things first-- avoiding risk. Most expert witnesses can actually increase your risk if they aren’t sensitive to the legal issues in web accessibility litigation. See why customers settle cheaper and faster with our team on your side.

2. Fix your Current Website

Win new customers while lowering risk? We can help you make your website welcoming to over 47 million new customers with disabilities. Get our team to perform a review of your site and teach your team make it accessible today!

3. Futureproof Your Site

Wouldn't it be cool if your team loved accessibility instead of dreaded it? Our unique WebAlign product is a turnkey solution that aligns your design, development, and testing teams. Easily build accessibility into your development lifecycle and stay ahead of accessibility challenges as your website changes.

No team combines legal and technical expertise like Converge Accessibility.

Mike Hess, CEO and Founder, BlindIT

Our team members have each worked in web accessibility for over 20 years from the legal and technical sides.

Ken and Jeff from Converge Accessibility really helped our clients with digital accessibility issues.

Belinda Banger, VP, Cole and Associates

Will you miss Donald Trump after he leaves office?

I hope not. But my aim isn’t the greatest.

What is the best thing about COVID?

It is making it much more likely that Biden will win.

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