Litigation and Expert Witness Services

Don't let your expert witness create more risk because they haven't kept up with the developments in web accessibility case law. Get a team with legal and technical knowledge to help your legal team settle faster and on better terms.

We Know What To Review

It's important that your consultant in litigation understands that their review is very different from a regular audit. Does your expert know that reports have been rejected if they are too broad or too narrow? Better to have a team that knows the pitfalls ahead of time.

We Know How to Report It

There are a lot of intricacies to an ideal report in litigation. Do you report to WCAG 2.1 A/AA or stick with the plaintiff's allegations? Do you make the report thorough (and susceptible to attack) or more limited? And do you focus on attorney work product privilege and try to make sure that your attorney is the conduit for the communication? Make sure your consultant understands these fundamental legal issues-- because most don't.

We Know How to Help You

Of course, we will help you as expert witnesses, but we also can help your attorney prepare for litigation. For instance, can the expert witness be discredited because they didn't follow standard testing procedures? Does the plaintiff really have standing to sue over the WCAG violations they allege? Web accessibility litigation requires knowing both law and technology to be successful.

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