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Why Do I Need It?

Organizations can get in trouble for digital technology other than websites. Just ask HR Block, which was sued by the Justice Department and entered into a consent decree for their mobile apps. Converge is one of the few companies that reviews mobile apps, desktop software, hardware, and even automated teller machines for accessibility. We are also the only team that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (yes, NASA) uses for its reviews of accessibility at science centers and museums around the country. If you have digital technology that interfaces with the public, we have likely reviewed it many times before.

We can also review all technologies at any stage of the development process. For instance, if you're organization is rebuilding its website and needs help at the wireframe stage, we can help. In fact, we were one of the first companies to present on best practices in the wireframe stage over ten years ago-- and we continue to do this work today.

How Does the Process Work?

Like our web accessibility reviews, we build our proposals based on what we are being asked to review, usually over a Zoom call or other videoconference service. We then prepare a quote.

If you approve the quote, we request a 50% retainer for new customers. We then perform the work and, in several weeks, present a detailed report of our findings. We keep a close eye on regulatory and standards development around the world (e.g. the 21st Century Communication and Video Accessibility Act, Section 508, EN 301-549, etc) and will report on areas where gaps exist. This report will include a detailed analysis of each issue, including screenshots or photographs, a description of the relevant accessibility standard and how non-compliance impacts users with disabilities, and easy steps for remediating each issue.

After we present our report, we follow up with a videoconference to review the report and answer any questions that your engineers or developers have regarding any issues and remediations strategies.

What Do I Get?

We provide a detailed written report that includes screenshots or photographs, a complete description of pertinent accessibility standards and remediation recommendations. We also identify usability issues that may cause issues for users with disabilities even though these issues may not violate these standards.

Just as with our web site reviews, we don't just leave you out in the cold once we provide our report. After your team has had a chance to read and absorb our report, we walk through our report with your team to make sure that they completely understand each issue, why they are important, and how to fix them. Because we are founded on improving accessibility, our doors are always open to help you continue your journey towards accessibility.

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