Web Accessibility Teamwork. Done Right.

The Promise

We'll take the mystery out of making your website accessible and your team will know exactly what they need to know to always comply with the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The Result: Reduced Risk

ADA lawsuits for inaccessible websites are one of the fastest growing areas for litigation. Each year, thousands of companies are hit with these cases. WebAlign helps make sure you're protected. Learn how by watching this short video (1:42).

The Result: Improved Sales

If you sell digital content to colleges or public sector organizations, your success may hinge on its accessibility. This short video (1:18) gives a quick overview of why WebAlign is your best solution if you want to win these contracts.


How It Works

WebAlign isn't an automated tool, scanner, or overlay. It works by making your existing team work better. Yet, it isn't just a set of training videos. Instead, it's a requirements framework reinforced by training resources and compliance tools.

What does that mean? This short video (1:18) gives you a quick overview. Or, if you really are a glutton for punishment and you want to know all of the details about WebAlign, understand the theory and 15+ year evolution of WebAlign, and get a glimpse of it under the covers, either watch our webinar (48:42) with partner company 3PlayMedia or The Background video (53:44) below. Or just schedule a free demo now and we can also show you our latest build.



What's Included

This short video (1:19) tells you everything you need to know. It quickly reviews the tools you get with a subscription.

The Background

WebAlign is the culmination of over 15 years of work with some of the largest IT programs in the world. If you want the detailed explanation of how to create a program like WebAlign, a glimpse into the what it looks like and the hood, and why it's better than other solutions on the market, this webinar is for you. Warning, it's lengthy (53:44).

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