Web Accessibility Teamwork. Done Right.

Finally, A Simple Framework for Web Accessibility...

If there's one constant in the world, it's change. Nowhere is this more true than with your website. WebAlign is a remarkably easy and beautifully elegant turnkey solution that gets your creative, technical, and QA teams all working together and checking each other to support web accessibility. Ask anyone in web accessibility and they'll tell you that the including accessibility into the development lifecycle is the Holy Grail and you just found it!

Create Teamwork Not Busywork

Developing an accessible website isn't just about writing accessible code. Instead, it works much easier if designer, copy authors and QA teams are on the same page and understand how to improve accessibility. No more frustrated developers!

Checked? How About Double-Checked!

WebAlign defines clear roles in your web development process. That also means it sets expectations. If copy authors need to write alternative text for images, developers should expect to find that text identified in designs.

Futureproofed: Good Today and Tomorrow

Organizations do best when values become part of their culture. WebAlign brings designers, developers, and QA teams together to meet each accessibility concept. This makes your site accessible tomorrow, and the day after that.