Background image with text "are web developers liable for inaccessible web sites?"

Can Web Developers be Sued for the Inaccessible Sites They Create for Clients?

How Did This Question Come Up? While I was attending the Digital Accessibility Legal Summit this year after my opening keynote, an interesting question came up during one of the sessions: “can web developers be sued under the ADA for…
Why we created WCAG testing scripts that don't use assistive technology.

Why We Created WCAG Testing Scripts That Don’t Use Assistive Technology

AT-Free Testing Scripts? In the accessibility world, our focus is on making sure that users with disabilities– including those who use assistive technologies (AT)– are able to access and interact with digital media as easily and robustly as users without…
Image with Text "Web Accessibility is Broken"

Web Accessibility is Broken (Part 3)We Expect New Results from the Same Tools

A Cautionary Tale… Go to any McDonald’s restaurant in the world and there’s a good chance you won’t be able to order a milk shake, ice cream cone, or frozen dessert because the machine is broken. According to an article…
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