Microlearning and WebAlign

What is Microlearning?

Unless you're completely removed from training, you've probably heard business people talk about "microlearning." The idea behind micro-learning is to simply deliver tiny training modules as a kind of on-the-job training.

Process Diagram described in accompanying text

This process is depicted in the image above. It starts with a discrete on-the-job task. This should be a small task and not a detailed process. Then, there is a short, targeted training video or other training asset. The key here is that it stays short-- no more than a few minutes long. This keeps the skills bite-sized and actionable. The third and last step is immediate application of that new nugget of knowledge to the discrete on-the-job task. The process then repeats itself by either repeating the same small task or moving to a different discrete task.

The advantages of microlearning should be pretty obvious. By keeping training short, microlearning allows basic principles to be learned and retained. And by immediately applying this new learning to a practical on-the-job task, microlearning means that these principles can be quickly reinforced. So microlearning is more effective (because less is forgotten) and less costly (because days are not wasted in training).

So What Does This Have to Do with WebAlign?

So you may ask, "what the heck does this have to do with WebAlign?" The answer is, "everything."

process diagram explained in accompanying text

First, let's review what WebAlign is. As shown in the diagram above, WebAlign breaks the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) A/AA down into about 70 Core Concepts, which reflects the key actionable items of WCAG. Then, in the second step, WebAlign further breaks these down into approximately 180 Role-Specific Guidance items that reflects how these Core Concepts are translated to technical and non-technical staff. In Step 3, these role-specific items are assigned to specific checklists depending on an individual's role in the web development process. And, in the fourth an final step, we created specific targeted training resources for each checklist item.

So now let's consider a single checklist item.

Process Diagram explained in Accompanying Text

The process starts with a single checklist item in WebAlign. These were created in step 3 of our process and each item represents a discrete accessibility task that needs to be met. Next, a link on each checklist item takes the user immediately back to the WebAlign site where a short training video is provided, along with all resources for learning what needs to be done. Then, the user can immediately apply that newly-acquired knowledge to the task at hand.

If that process seems familiar, it should-- it is exactly the same process as our basic microlearning diagram!


Is WebAlign Really a Training Platform?

Because it is based on microlearning principles, WebAlign makes a killer training platform for any web development team struggling with accessibility. But, oddly enough, we never intended it as a training platform, per se. Instead, WebAlign was always intended as a tool to improve web accessibility by adding clearer requirements about what different team members needed to do to achieve web accessibility.

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