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APOLOGIES for the late notice!!!

At 2pm EST on Tuesday June 8, we are presenting at 3PlayMedia's ACCESS at Home Webinar Conference. 3PlayMedia is an industry leader in captioning services. We have been asked to talk about the impact of the Eleventh Circuit's Winn-Dixie decision.

Key Takeways

Quite a few things have changed since April 7th. Some of the initial shock of the court's decision has settled in-- and I've had a chance to reflect a bit more on the overall impact of the court's decision. And then there's movement from the court itself that I think will have a bigger, long-term impact. The key takeaways from this webinar are:

  • Why the Eleventh Circuit's Winn-Dixie opinion is an anomaly-- both in comparison earlier 11th Circuit cases and other jurisdictions
  • How recent developments may mean that the opinion will be irrelevant
  • Why you needed worry about Winn-Dixie undercutting the ADA as badly as it may appear.

Target Audiences

  • Organizations interested in web accessibility
  • Disability advocates
  • Lawyers or law firms facing web accessibility litigation

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