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Kevin McDaniel and

In case you didn't hear, Kevin McDaniel moved over to last year to help guide their fantastic content. Kevin is a rock star in accessibility. He's one of the few ADA Coordinators who speaks glowingly about working at an organization prosecuted by the Justice Department-- and leveraging the opportunity to create meaningful change for its citizens with disabilities. And then, he went on to help Colorado Springs spruce up its accessibility. He's one of those rare people who combines technical knowledge, common sense, and good people skills to actually get things done in organizations.

Interview with John Michael Griffin

So what's with, other than their amazing URL? Well, a few days ago, I sat down with John Michael Griffin, Publisher for for a chat. John comes from the publishing industry and his mission is to inform and connect people working to improve accessibility. John is older and has a straightforward, no nonsense demeanor befitting a former marine-- or maybe an investigative reporter. He's one of those people whom you want to know because it's easy to see he can make a big impact on accessibility.

Here's the video of our impromptu chat, but I really encourage you to see it on's site so you can participate in the comments. They also have the transcript posted for those of you in a rush.

Join Us On January 25 at AccessibilityPlus!

Later this month, I'll be presenting on January 25 at's AccessibilityPlus webinar, What can be learned from the thousands of lawsuits in 2021 and what to expect in 2022. I'll be presenting with Richard Hunt and Reeve Segal, who are both prominent in the the defense side of ADA litigation. My presentation will touch lightly on the litigation side but instead will focus more on the practical steps of baselining and implementing web accessibility.

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