Missed our Presentation at AccessibilityPlus? Watch it Now!

Each month, our friends at Accessibility.com pull together great webinars focused on web and digital technology accessibility. Ken was one of the four presenters at January's event, Trends in Digital Accessibility Lawsuits: What can be Learned from the Thousands of Lawsuits in 2021 and What to Expect in 2022.

Ken's presentation was a little different from his usual legal presentations (although he couldn't help slipping in discussions of cases here and there) and focused on Understanding Compliance Baselines and Implementing Accessibility Initiatives. Ken was the last presenter, which included noted defense attorneys, Reeve Segal and Richard Hunt, and Beth Meyer, the Executive Director for the Florida Independent Living Center.

At the bottom of their the event's announcement page, you can see the event's agenda-- and view any of the presentations by clicking on the presenter's link in the agenda section. You'll be prompted one-time for setting up an account at Accessibility.com, which you'll want to do anyways because they provide such great content.

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